Like those Browser Extensions?

Browser Extension??
They come in many flavours and sometimes are quite important - but generally, most users should not have many installed. I generally have 3 or less. They are typically installed in a similar way as a program but add a functional value of some kind to your browser. Even some big name addons - like toolbars (which are at least more visible) - are most often not needed, and not desirable.

But not all...
browser extensions - or plugins - are created equal and some are actually malicious in their background activity!

As of a recent report by Avast, the following extensions perform malicious activtites on Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge browsers. Whether you're an extension/add-in fan, or not, I'd certainly suggest you check to see if you have any of these installed.

App Phone for Instagram
Direct Message for Instagram
Direct Message for Instagram™
DM for Instagram
Downloader for Instagram
Instagram App with Direct Message DM
Instagram Download Video & Image
Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Message
Odnoklassniki UnBlock. Works quickly.
Pretty Kitty, The Cat Pet
SoundCloud Music Downloader
Spotify Music Downloader
Stories for Instagram
The New York Times News
Universal Video Downloader
Upload photo to Instagram™
Video Downloader for FaceBook™
Video Downloader for YouTube
Vimeo™ Video Downloader
VK UnBlock. Works fast.
Volume Controller
Zoomer for Instagram and FaceBook


3,000,000 Users have Malicious Extensions (Chrome and Edge Browsers)

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