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In our opinion, Sync.com is the best!
Better than Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive etc for a number of reasons.

If you are a Canadian business - or even if you are not - keep your online cloud data secure with this "zero-knowledge" cloud service. For Canadian businesses you have the added advantage of your data staying in Canada.

USE the SIGN UP NOW Button to review package prices, learn about Sync.com security and of course, to sign up if you like what you see (We think you will!). You can also sign up for a free account here to test it out - - until you decide on a subscription. Be sure to check out the video and other info under their menu "Why Sync?". (but, no worries! The link will NOT sign you up until you have a chance to look around and choose your preferred package).


If you're sure you just want a free 5GB account use the Open Free Account Button
You'll get an extra 20% of storage space for your FREE Account with this link! (limited time offer)

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MailStore eMail Archiving Solution

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An awesome eMail archving solution that can allow you to manage all of your emails in an efficient and effortless manner, whether that be a single mailbox or many.

Easy to install and configure, MailStore can archive emails for various configurations from email clients, webmail or even if you happen to have an Exchange server. Manage your email inbox as you need to, save your storage space as well as your sanity, time and money. The archving solution allows you to delete and manage your emails in your email client or online knowing that your emails are backed up and retrievable if needed.

Call or email us to find out more!



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Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft has many options to choose from in their Office 365 family. From very basic plans to pretty much all you need encompassing al major Office applications and some great collaboration features for teams there is certainly an option that will fit your budget and needs.



BUSINESS OPTIONS (incl Microsoft Access)


Contact Us if you have questions and Register us as your Partner of Choice when your register.




AVAST Antivirus Business (formerly AVG)

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Avast's well known protection combined with cloud managed administration of settings and features offers great value!

Even if you are currently a business of one, AVG Cloudcare is an economical solution to your security needs. But if you have multiple computers, the centralized management we can provide is efficient and your devices can be controlled as you need without independent setting and monitoring of each machine. Besides just the peace of mind that provides, this is an easy way to keep your security consistent.

A recommended option is also available for filtering. Websites are categorized by Avast's backend and can be setup in any of three actions (block, ask, allow). Any web page that is visitied will be controlled based on this policy. If you need to block access to Facebook or any other social media site (for example) it can be done easily. Just as easily you can request that a site be whitelisted if it is affected by an active filter.



Secure Storage for your Private Data

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Keep your stuff safe with this GREAT encrypted (strong 256-bit AES encryption) data app for passwords, bank account information, reference info - whatever!

Your data can be local (recommended when there are adequate backups in place) or in the cloud for centralized-sync'd access across devices. In either case, your data is encrypted and safe - and you can find whatever you need easily, which is so important these days when there are SO many pieces of confidential data to worry about.

They have you well-covered with support for...
Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.

With great support, and a very stable history, eWallet is a great productivity and security choice.



File Level Backup Solutions

Syncback, Second Copy


Syncback (by 2BrightSparks) offers several options from Free to Professional releases of their software. At the upper end they are still quite reasonable and offer more advanced features such as file versioning, incremetnal and differential backup options, mobile phone backup and many others. See their options HERE and come on back to talk to us.


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Another great file-level backup solutions for Windows.

Still a reliable solution despite slowed development in recent years. A great, reliable option for more than 20 yrs.
Great customization options, selectable versioning (not just a "2nd" copy), encrypted archives and many other features make it easy to fit to your needs.



Website CMS - Joomla!

How much do we sell Joomla for?
Well - nothing, actually.
Joomla, itself is actually free.

But we do like it as website CMS, so it's here as a product/support reference.
While very different from Wordpress, it is a mature, well designed backend with lots of support and template options.

Not that there's anything wrong with them, in some instances, but proprietary website building services just can not compare. They have their own advantages but also very significant limitations. And almost always, their proprietary nature locks you in to their methods, vendors and templates.

In terms of capabilities, it is somewhat like comparing a basic text editor to the abilities of a full-fledged page layout app. They each have their place but Joomla is a great, robust CMS that will allow your site to grow with you.

But - they say it best - so, click the logo for more info.

If you decide a Joomla site is for you.
Call us.



Website CMS - Wordpress

How much do we sell WordPress for?
Well - the same as Joomla - nothing.
It is also open-source, and a free product.

It has come a LONG way since the BLOG days of it's beginnings and is also a good CMS choice for many SMBs as well as even personal sites. There is a daunting number of plugins to support pretty much whatever you need to do.

We can work with WordPress as well to assist you in a site design or make one for you.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.