Need HEVC? It's always nice to have options...

What is HEVC??
It's a PC thing so we naturally need an acronym to speed things up when we're taking about them...

HEVC = High Efficiency Video Coding

All videos are "encoded" and need to have software called drivers (or codecs) to translate. This can be just for playing the content or also for creating content in that format. Common format extensions are WMV, MP4, MOV and many others. In many cases it is built in to your operating system (such as Windows) or supported by your video app - but sometimes they need to be added. aka HEVC.

Do you need it?

Maybe. Another typical Tech answer! LOL

Some newer computers and devices can use their built-in hardware for better performance and support 4K or Ultra HD video content. This - typically called a CODEC (never mind - look it up <grin>) - will allow the right hardware to fully use ability to play using this hardware and/or allow encoding if you do not have the hardware ability to do so.
Encoding is using then for video creation, for example.

How do you get it?
No reason for this answer to be easy either.
(but it's NOT that hard)

Our focus will be for Windows 10 only however and for Canada.
The option that appears to be the only one available is from the Canadian Microsoft (MS) Store and the cost is $0.99cad. Pretty inexpensive and if you have a personal Microsoft Account is easy enough to do. I have not tested this but one advantage seems to be that it can be easily applied to all your other devices right from the MS Store. Of course, that's if they can support HEVC.

But, if you have a few PCs - or a whack of them - this becomes rather cumbersome.
So, there IS an alternative that will cost you a little less. $0.99cad less in fact.
It is easier as well if you have a local user account - or domain account - as grabbing this will not require a login to a MS Account. Yay.

If you want the one for $0.99

If you want the one for $0.99 less $0.99
($0.00 if that is confusing you)
(if prompted, stay on the USA site for this install)

Pretty smart eh?
Actually, I think someone probably found this one by accident and was kind enough to share.
Have a look below for more info!


HEVC Extensions for Windows 10


(info in this article for prices or URLs obviously may change at any time)


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