Perhaps the ultimate disrespect.
Zuckerberg and COO are a no show for Ottawa Committee Summons.


I'm not sure why we continue to support a company that uses our information in the manner Facebook is known to do without any (apparent) regard to its users. But I'm also not sure that it should be much of a surprise with all the iceberg evidence. Major data breaches, poor handling of serious issues and disrepect for authorities, let alone their user base. Just the things we see - like an 'iceberg".

Yes, one could comment that others are just as bad. Perhaps, but I do not think so.
It is not supported by the same evidence and seeming fiascos.

But - anyway - here's an article regarding this issue that is also pushing to block social media until things are in control better than they are now.
Perhaps it is time.

Facebook will be removed from this website, as of today, so don't look for it. :)


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