If you've got yourself a new Samsung phone in the last while and are reasonably careful to only install/use apps you trust (as you should) you may be surprised to find that FaceBook may come pre-installed and unremoveable! Thus the app's new description - by some - as the new "CrapWare".

According to Samsung - and confirmed in the cases I have seen it - you can disable the app even thought you cannot recover the space it occupies. Simply use Android's ability within settings (App Management) to disable it. It will give you a warning that doing so may cause some functions not to work but if you're not posting to Facebook or using it on your smartphone, you should be fine. In any case, you can always re-enable it if you want to.

If we have the option to install or not to install, we may have chosen to do so on a device or two but it would be at our discretion - and on a device with limited data exposure.
But, on our devices, it will be disabled when it is pre-installed.
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