So, you're reading this because... You Don't Need to Be Concerned About Security??

You should have known better!

Consider that over 6.7 Billion users have had information in one form or another hacked over (about) the past 10 years you'll see the need is clearly that security should not be left unattended. Even if you consider that breaches due to "hacks" are not "preventable" in any way (which is doubtful), there still remains 42% of breaches that are clearly related to preventable (or at least minimizable) risks...

Distribution by Entity (or Breach Type)

And - in the following chart, the number of records/users breached continues to be significant - with 2013 in particular being a record winner (chopped in this chart as it would dwarf the others)...

Distribution by Records (or Users Breached)

So - what to do??

Even as a SMB/NFP - take it seriously and implement good practices (vs just for convenience) for your email, data, web and online presence!
Lost on what to do?

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