Watch your DMGs!

This appropriately named malware - MacStealer - certainly has a "mal" intent. It seeks to steal data from Intel M1/M2 chip Apple devices running Catalina or later OS which can include keychain info (account passwords), documents etc.

But, not surprisingly, Mac targeting is on the rise as EU population has increased.
So, don't be careless for what you install or what you click on!

To quote a segment from the (short) article link below...

"The bad actor uses a .DMG file to spread the malware. After a user executes the file, it opens a fake password prompt," Uptycs researchers explained in the post. "Once the user enters their login credentials, the stealer … [compresses] the data and sends it to C2 via a POST request using a Python User-Agent request. It deletes the data and ZIP file from the victim's system during a subsequent mop-up operation."

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