Care to Share?
It may soon not matter.
You are probably more than aware of the recent Facebook data issues as they relate to Cambridge Analytica (a name most of us would never have known before-hand). I quite suspect that this issue only got to where it did because they were "caught".
I like Google myself quite a bit - but DO be smart about how you manage your account and apps. As much as it's possible (a tough task on Android) - use only the services you need and be sure you look for security and sharing settings that are offered to minimize your "unexpected" exposure. Some companies are getting a little better at their software's default settings being "on the safe side" - relative to the users' interests - but certainly not all.
Further in this article there is an interesting relationship stated for the volume of personal data collected by Google vs Facebook. That may totally be because of differences in user activity within the two services but - if not - you may find the results are surprising.
In the following article there may be some items of interest with subsections such as...
Where does the data come from?
What does Google guarantee?
What can you do about it?
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