As you will have seen elsewhere on our site, our services are targeted at Small and Medium businesses (SMB) - including NFP - and we know your time is especially valuable. Let us help you keep things running - and get them running better! Your time is more valuable spent on sales, production and customer support.

We do indeed support a wide range of services for your small business! That means, it is likely you'll only have to make ONE call and ease the challenge of managing your IT environment. We help support your business systems ranging across a broad spectrum of devices and services you use.

Whether it is on a per call basis or scheduled semi-regular visits - we are here to help. In our experience, scheduled visits will support your business the best. If you have not accumulated as list of items for assistance, we can make some routine checks and be on our way. But, typically, it is very rare indeed that your list will be empty!


We’ll do what we can to help you get things working right!

Services Provided

An often over-looked task that inevitably results in additional costs when not done. Whether it be records for your critical infrastructure (Yes! Even in a small office), or simply having a good handle on your hardware and general workflows, it will save you on downtime and further issues. Basically, having good records will help reduce your costs as well as help prevent "reinventing the wheel" when you don't remember what was done or why - a year later.


Hardware and Software
Perhaps the widest range of needs lies here covering workstations, servers, network hardware, printers and various other devices.
Then there is the sometimes daily challenges of operating system and productivity software updates and upgrades not to mention general usage and/or workflow challenges and improvements!


Security and Backups
Security is often seen as an inconvenience until the much greater inconvenience of lost time or data is realized. It is only a matter of time vs "IF" it ever happens. Use best practices from the start that balance needs and costs. Some of the newest forms of Malware will encrypt your data after a single click. Consider these threats too - especially for your most critical information. Keeping your systems and software up to date and clean of unused software are also critical factors.


Custom Data Solutions
Even though there are lots of great applications to manage your data out there the best of all is tailored to exactly what you need without unwanted features or complexity. Typically for small needs this would be Microsoft Access which is scaleable to SQL Server. In other cases a rapid development solution such as the browser-based, Oracle APEX system may fit the need. In others still - this may only need to be a customized Excel spreadsheet.


Media is everywhere these days. From pictures for email, web or print. Audio and/or video files for promotion and even combinations of various media types to get the right impact. Each target purpose has its own challenges for preparing, processing and managing. Doing so efficiently saves time ($$) and using them correctly promotes a professional image to your clients.


Web and eMail
Web and email account for the largest portion of communication and advertising for virtually all businesses these days. Don't overlook how you use these services to reach your clients. Over time you will inevitably have significant growth in your email storage needs. This too needs to be managed as your paper trails would be - with regular maintenance and archiving.