UnHappy with your Computer's Speed?
Here's yet another potential reason for your system to be much slower than it should be that you should be aware of. It's much along the lines of Malware - without the urgency, perhaps, of something like Ransomware and is related to Crypto Currencies using blockchain technology.
But - not so fast...
While this is a very real, new threat these days, there are many reasons your system can be bogged down.
This is why you'll likely get a lot of questions when you ask for help!
To name just a few "routine" matters (not touching on more signifcant limitaions or hardware problems)...
  • Malware and Viruses infections are always of prime concern (and not always so easily noticed)
  • Bad software, including drivers or even printers consuming signfiicant resources
  • Network connection issues
  • Problem devices such as USB Accessories, even a bad disc in a DVD drive - if you still have one
  • Poor Internet performance or routing
  • High Memory or CPU Loads
  • Hard Drive issues ranging from simply, low free space or a poor performing drive - to more serious issues indicating probable drive failure due to "bad blocks" or controller issues
  • Mis-configuration of routine system maintenance such as OS updates, backups, virus scans and other activities that are naturally resource intensive.
  • etc...

But, in general, if your computer is NOT doing what you think it should whether that be speed or just something odd, look into it or get help. Prevention is nearly always easier than troubleshooting/fixing or - even - the rebuilding of your system and potential loss of data!

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