Ad Blocking
As of just a few days ago, Chrome released an updated version of Chrome that now allows better control over ad blocking with what seems like some welcome changes to improve your browsing experience. Time will tell how effective they are as many websites will look for certain types of blocks and tell you to allow them if you want to continue. More info at this link...
Secure Websites
When this goes into effect it will undoubtably cause concern for many.
Chrome will handle secure (https) websites differently in the near future. Their intent seems to be to make it more "noticeable" when a site does not use a security certificate - which is good, sort of - as you need to know. But browsers already support highlighting, a green lock and various methods to show you when it is safe. In most if not all cases you can also easily check the certificate by clicking an info button (or the like).
But when this change is implemented be prepared to see sites that show as "not secure" near the URL bar. It will not have changed overnight (well - at least the website will not have) and, with rare exceptions, the website is just as OK as it was prior. It did not suddenly become infected because Chrome reports it as "not secure". This will simply mean the identity of the site is not verified by a third party called a Certificate Authority.
In general, however, NEVER enter any sensitive personal information on a site that is not secure, regardless of this feature. If you are asked to supply information beyond very basic info - always look to see the site is secure (https - with green bar, lock symbol etc) in any browser you may use.
Here's Chrome's take on the change...

Chrome 68 and Secure Websites



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