Perhaps you have a fence for your back yard?
Perhaps you lock the doors to your home or car?
Then again, for some of you, perhaps not.
But this is different.

Even for those of you who can be a little flexible with regards to what you lock down - let's add to the mix a few shady strangers with questionable motives hanging around your property or asset 24/7 to see if that helps to heighten your sense for the level of risk.

The IOT devices that are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives need some boundaries and they may well not have them. In fact, in many cases it is not even considered by those implementing them. Admittedly, this can get tricky at times but it should be taken seriously, regardless.

The following is a general commentary but go ahead and check further for yourself as you wish.
Any good advice will recommend isolation of your home automation and media devices.

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IOT needs a Fence!


IOT - Meaning the "Internet of Things" is just a term used for internet connected "smart" devices. These devices can be anything from a Google Chromecast device or smart TV to smart appliances or smart plugs and switches (to name just a few). Your mobile phone - in most cases - would fall into this category also! Basically if it connects to your network (wired or most likely, WiFi) and should not have access to your personal information, consider it an IOT device.

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