I suppose many of you may skim over an acronym such as IoT thinking it is something for the IT department at work. It expands to the "Internet of Things" (computer tech is full of acronyms - so we needed another!) and there are many devices that fall into this category. It is basically a term for electronic gadgets that use the internet for connectivity ranging from security cameras, printers and kitchen appliances to streaming devices such as Chromecast (and many others). Most often they use a wireless connection.
But all of these devices - like a computer - can be potentially abused so it is wise to pay attention to them and secure them as best possible, including keeping them up-to-date in order to minimize risks. It is also best to keep these devices off your main network when that is possible. While there are times you need connectivity to your home network - in most cases - they just need internet access. I would certainly suggest using a Guest network for that.
Eventually this should get better but there's a good chance that won't happen until there is more awareness and unfortunately, more than likely - more issues.
This article focuses on the workplace where the stakes are certainly higher.
But the general issues remain the same...


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