Earlier this week there were many reports of a new global Ransomware threat that had broken out overseas and was gaining much exposure to systems. As it unfolded, it became obvious that ransom was not the intent - just malicious unrecoverable damage for your files. Hard to believe "ruputable" could be considered as a valid reference to a ransomware attack but - if you get caught by one, that would be a good attribute!
Always use extreme caution with anything supicous, even if it appears to be an email from a friend, your bank or a company you use. Watch links to websites (where-ever they occur), unknown websites and of course, email attachments or files of unknown original.
Remember it is better to be safe and avoid it. Better to use decent software (AVG and MWB are still my faves) and combine that with good "i-sense".
And when needing to verify, always use an alternate method and avoid the original risk item.
The following article is one of many - but is reasonably up to date...


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