Well - I have always said that security is just (mainly) a deterrent.
When it comes down to it, It just matters how important it is that someone gets in and on how extensive their resources are.
That being said it is still VERY much necessary. There's lots of risky fellows out there poking around. After all, when you lock your house or have an active alarm when you're away, it is really just a deterrent so that hopefully someone will move on to an easier target. It is not a "prevention" for access. Even with an alarm in place for the majority of us "normal" people, a quick in and out would likely go uncaught.
So it is in a similar way for tech security. But there is no need to be paranoid and certainly no excuse for being lax. Due diligence is always best. Stay on top of all aspects of your computer security, patches and account management and use best practices even when they seem inconvenient.
Then, at least if someone IS looking, it will "only" be the CIA (or equivalent)...
... and hopefully they have no need to be interested in the first place. <grin>
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